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What do we make of millenials being the most overweight generation and moreso how can we help to fix it

The risk of unregulated nutrition

Fuelling for optimum performance

Have we been overplaying hydration?

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Something I’ve recently learnt more about is one of the most basic things that we tend to over complicate. Our bodies are over 70% water, that means it’s important to…

The Planetary Health Diet

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Overview Late last month a report was launched by the EAT Lancet Commission about the dire state of the global food system and what we need to do to fix…


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3 nights, 2 days, probably the perfect amount of time for us to spend in what can only be described as the hub of continental Asia. As it was technically…

Low calorie sweeteners

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It’s something I hear all the time, “yeah but they are just as bad as sugar aren’t they?” Not entirely no. There is usually a point made about them being…

Fat shaming and the normalisation of plus sized bodies

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This is something that I’ve been thinking about for a while now. And before anyone reading this gets their back up, please read on first! I’ve been pondering on how…

Omega 3: supplement or not to supplement? That is the question.

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Last week we saw the media share their views on the recent Cochrane review, omega 3 fatty acids for the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease. In the UK…

Food in Morocco part 1 – Marrakech

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We’ve been getting itchy feet about going on holiday as it’s been quite a while. I’m such an avid traveller that having such a big break between trips actually made…

Protein water, two words which should never be paired

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I know……it’s not new and in the last twelve months we’ve seen protein added to a plethora of products. Some for good reason and others not so much. In the…


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In the last 10 days the media have saturated us with a few main headlines relating to food and diets. The first being ultra-processed foods and cancer and the second…

Store cupboard essentials

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A few people have asked me recently about what I keep in my cupboards to whip up quick meals or lunchboxes when inspiration and energy is lacking. Luckily I’m quite…

The Deal With Vitamin D

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Personally and professionally, I’m not one for supplements and believe that an adequate balanced diet incorporating all the major food groups with lots of fruit and veg should do it.…

Is Meat So Mighty After All?

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently you’ll know that meat has been making headlines on both the health, animal welfare and sustainability fronts. With new research being released…

Pushing The Limit With Protein

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Working not only as a nutritionist, but also as a fitness coach means my exposure to the misinformed is way above average. And protein ranks high on the agenda. The…

So You Quit Sugar?

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Sugar – the demon? Well not really… “I’m off sugar” – my bestie said to me one day on the phone. I sarcastically rolled my eyes and thought here we…