#4 CARBS Are they good? Are they bad?

SUNDAY SHUTDOWN #4 CARBS Are they good. Are they bad?

Firstly it’s imperative to point out that no one food, or food group is good or bad. Challenge yourself with this thought every time you think something is either one. ⠀

We need carbohydrates to function normally. Sugar is the simplest form of carb. Starch (which we find in potatoes and grains) is a more complex type of carb and our body breaks that down into sugar which we then use as energy. Fibre is a type of carb, but we can’t break it down fully which is why it works its way through our body and leaves as poop!

It is near on impossible to cut out carbs in total. And anyone who says that they have is lying. ⠀

?enjoy more starchy carbs, potatoes, whole grain breads, pasta, rice, couscous⠀
?eat fruit and veg. More often than you currently do.
?leave the skin on folks.
?absolutely still enjoy cakes, cookies, ice cream, chocolate and anything else with sugar added to it. Just be sensible about how often and how much. If you are eating these foods more often than the ones above it may be time to re-asses the balance.

People have the misconception that when they cut out carbs, they will lose fat easier and faster. When there is no scientific research at all to suggest this. Losing fat all comes down to being in a calorie deficit. The chances are by reducing your carb intake you are in fact also just eating less food which = a calorie deficit.

Think about what happens when you are told you can’t have something? You want it. That’s what happens when you try to cut foods out of your diet because you think they are “bad”. And we all don’t need any extra pressure in our already pressurised lifestyles!

Carbs are our friend, we need them to be healthy. So rather than cut them out or fear they are bad, enjoy them like every other food.⠀

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