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I simply had to write about this after sharing a post on it earlier this week and getting quite a few DM’s.

Celebrities endorse products they quite often don’t understand. This prays on the vulnerable and can be unsafe for short term health but also dangerous for long term relationships with food.

Skinny Jab (SJ) is a weight loss programme. Just like any other it works on the basis of reducing your calorie consumption. But it doesn’t overly advertise that, of course not. In fact their website doesn’t really tell you what the product is at all. It’s a daily injection of liraglutide which claims to melt fat away.

SJ also claim to remove hunger using a tried and tested revolution. That they are not like any other very low calorie diet. Their site also refers to starvation mode ? (refer to SS #19)

Their “Detox Box” does no such thing. As we know, our bodies have their on detox system called a liver and kidneys that no food, juice or cleanse can replicate.

SJ report an average weight loss of 12-20lbs in the first month, which might I add is very unsustainable. It is not a magic product, there is no special ingredient which makes it special. If there was such a product we wouldn’t have an obesity crisis across the developed world, would we?

Finally it’s daylight robbery at £250 for 4 weeks of injections and remember you still have to buy food on top of that. Spend your money on nutritious food, exercise and support from someone who knows what they are talking about.

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