#1 CELERY JUICE: don’t believe the hype

SUNDAY SHUTDOWN #1 CELERY JUICE: don’t believe the hype.

Promoted by endless celebs and holistic health gurus as a slimming aid, detoxifier and cure of ill health (amongst other things) there is no evidence at all to support this. It’s not true. There is an ulterior motive to why they are promoting this.

Let me break it down:
1. You lose weight by consuming less calories (less food) than you burn. ⠀
2. You have a liver and two kidneys (some people have one which is still perfectly capable) which remove toxins from your body. Detox is a null and void word.⠀
3. Food cannot cure illness. Ever. It can help with lots of things but is not a cure.

It annoys the sh*t outta me that those with thousands or millions of followers promote this kind of thing. ⠀

If you like celery juice, have it. I’d recommend blending it with some other fruit and veg as alone it can be quite bitter. And personally, I prefer my celery whole with peanut butter in the hollow bit. An Aussie thing I think.

We focus far too much on specific foods, there is no one magic food. How about we try to eat more variety, and still include the things we love and some new stuff too! ⠀

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