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SUNDAY SHUTDOWN #6 Slimming World

Yep that’s right. Any business that teaches you to allocate foods as good or bad, syn or free, green or red, A or B is basically giving you a false idea of what food really is. Why not spend your time and money learning which foods are actually beneficial for your health than assigning them a category? Just an idea…⠀

I know countless people who have attended SW, got results, put the weight back on, gone back to SW and so on and so on. It’s a cycle many have been going round for years. This happens because they aren’t educated on how to manage their diet in a sustainable way that suits their lifestyle with habits they can keep. ⠀

Foods are only kept in check when “at SW” and then once you hit goal it’s all or nothing. You see, there isn’t a finish line with health. There isn’t an end goal. If you need to change it needs to be forever and it’s going to take a while to learn the best way of doing things.

Context also matters massively, which is also why classifying foods in this way is really pointless. How is one food #bad for the entire population no matter your age, gender, activity level or goal?

Also unlimited chips, what does that do to your mindset and your hunger? “Oh I can’t have my favourite most delicious chocolate today but it’s fine because I can eat 25,000 chips because they are free?” How is that creating a #healthy relationship with food?

In positive news SW have created a community so credit where it’s due because the support and motivation you get from others is crucial.

My advice. Save your money, invest it in something that will help you learn and change your mindset to something more long term. Ask yourself why you keep going back and are you really feeling that good about yourself? Maybe move out of your comfort zone if it’s not working. Again, just an idea…

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