One-To-One Personalised Nutrition Coaching

With so much info out there these days it’s no surprise if you’re confused. Food should be simple but right now it’s bloody complicated. I aim to help you understand what works for you when it comes to food based on your goals. I can come food shopping with you; show you how to cook easy, nutritious meals that taste damn good; help you set achievable food-related goals, and a whole lot more. My main focus areas are:

  • long term weight management (including fat loss and muscle gain)
  • womens health (including the menopause, PCOS and preconception)
  • sports & performance nutrition
  • group online nutrition coaching focusing on long term sustainable health habits

Prior to every consultation I ask each client to complete my pre-consultation form which helps me to establish the type of support you need, what your goals are, your history and your budget. Every package I offer starts with a 90 minute consultation and then we discuss the most suitable support package for you from my personalised nutrition service brochure.

Get started now by completing my pre-consultation form

For a full list of packages download my personalised nutrition services brochure Private consultations and packages start at £175.00

Alternatively, click here to find out more about my group online nutrition coaching. A more affordable 6 week program to help you learn about nutrition and set habits to support your goals.

Nutrition Consultancy

I often work with small independent cafes to bring to life the food trends worth following. Or, if you need a menu overhaul, I can develop a line-up that not only reflects your ethos but works well operationally too. Having worked with chefs in busy commercial kitchens I’m fully versed in how not to push their buttons. And my background in catering means I understand all the cogs that keep a café running – from procurement and finance to café design and operational structure.

Areas which I can help you with are:

  • nutritional analysis
  • allergen management in line with current legislation
  • recipe ideas and implementation
  • seasonal menu reviews

After we’ve had an initial chat I’ll provide a detailed report which will outline where I see opportunities to improve your offering while also generating more revenue. This will include details of costs, timescales and recommendations.

Nutrition Talks and Workshops

Education is fundamental to changing eating habits and attitudes to food. But it needs to be interesting to capture the attention of busy people and memorable so the messages stick. I absolutely love teaching people about the role food plays in their day-to-day life and get great feedback from my corporate workshops.

We have a selection core talks which are based on the most up to date science surrounding topics people are most confused about. These range from  All of our talks also contain a section on nutrition mythbusting, some of these can also been read about in my Sunday Shutdown Series. Topics include corporate nutrition for optimal health, practical family nutrition, weight loss and maintenance, foods role on our mood and sustainable nutrition.

Tailor made seminars can also be created to align with any corporate wellbeing days already planned.

There’s no preaching or droning. I take a high impact, evidence-based approach in my sessions to help educate attendees with hard facts and science. And then underline this with fun practical sessions to keep them engaged and motivated.

1 hour talks or workshops start at £450