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AKA the ketogenic diet. A very low carb, high fat and protein diet which aims to put your body into ketosis. Depending which advice you follow your carb intake could be less than 20grams – for reference a banana has about 25grams.

There is still a lot of hype about it.

Does it work?

To clarify, if you follow the principles you will 100% lose weight. Why? Because you are consuming less calories than you were before. Not because you are in ketosis.

How long will it last?

Well how long is a piece of string?
The results are pretty quick, partly because the process of not consuming carbohydrates means not only will you lose body fat, your stored carbohydrates will deplete and you’ll also lose a hell of a lot of water. And the scales will reflect that loss of stored carbs and water as weight.

It is so restrictive that adhering to the diet for longer than a week or two is going to be tough. It’s also going to bring up all sorts of emotions because you are told you can’t have a lot of things you love to eat. And what happens when you are told you can’t have something?

And exercise – forget about it. Anything cardio based is likely going to be extremely tough and unenjoyable due to the lack of fuel (carbs) you’ll have. It could even be dangerous.

So the bottom line is…

You will lose weight. Would I advise it? No. Because by the time you’ve lost a chunk of initial weight, quickly, lost your mojo and felt guilty because you’ve started eating normal food again, probably over indulged in all the foods you weren’t allowed to have you’ll almost be back at square one. And I’ll be there to pick up the pieces and support you on your ling term journey to better health and sustainable fat loss.

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