#24 Activated charcoal


Have you seen those black croissants that were all the rage in London last year? Made with activated charcoal and supposedly great for your health. They just looked burnt in my opinion. ⠀

I call bullsh*t on this for one final time. And am done with it. ⠀
Charcoal is used to stop poison or drugs being absorbed by the body when an individual has had a drug overdose or acute poisoning). That does not imply it in any way will benefit individual health, ie/ remove toxins from your body. Please refer to last weeks #sundayshutdown on detoxing for info on that one ?⠀

It is also sometimes used as a teeth whitening agent. ⠀

There is absolutely no clinical evidence that consuming this black stuff will have any benefit on your gut health, your digestion, your skin or weight loss. Because you know, everything these days is good for weight loss ?⠀

When I searched the clinical literature there were zero studies on it. ZERO. ⠀

I’m all for innovation with food, in fact it’s part of my job but the claims that come associated with some of this stuff just leads people astray and gets them to believe in things that are simply unfounded.

Don’t be an idiot ??⠀

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