#9 Protein powder will make you too bulky?⠀

SUNDAY SHUTDOWN #9 Protein powder will make you too bulky?

This one is predominantly aimed at my lady followers because it’s something I get asked and want to set the record straight.⠀

Protein powder (whey or vegan) is an easy, convenient way to add protein into your diet. Most people can’t even manage a decent amount of protein at every meal and for people with specific diets (like vegan, veggie or certain intolerances) it can be more difficult to “think” up what to eat.⠀

For those of you who exercise, do classes, run, cycle etc regularly and are maybe training for an event your protein requirements will be higher than the general population. This also applies for the elderly population too (to prevent sarcopenia/muscle wastage).

When you train you are effectively breaking down your muscles and you need protein to build them back up and make them stronger. Protein must be part of your recovery.⠀

For someone moderately active or training for an endurance event research suggests 1.2 – 1.7g of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. I’ll let you do the maths on that yourself ?. If you aren’t that active I’d be aiming for at least 1g per kilogram body weight and above. ⠀

How to use it?⠀
Add to shakes⠀
Mix with yoghurt and add some fruit⠀
Add into overnight oats⠀

You can get all the protein you need from food, but quite frankly most of us don’t have time to prepare it, pay for it or be organised enough. Convenience is ok sometimes.⠀

And please, do not worry. You will not look like the hulk from having it occasionally, even daily. In order to get jacked you need to consume more than the above mentioned figures, lift extremely heavy weights quite often and possibly dabble in steroids.

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