But don't take my word for it...

I recently engaged The Food Boss for a nutrition consult. As someone who thinks they already eat an extremely good and varied diet, all planned and cooked from scratch, I was interested to see if I was fuelling my body with what it needed at a nutrient level. The results were surprising! I definitely have lots of room for improvement. Kate made awesome recommendations on strategies to improve some key micronutrients within my daily cooking. She was mindful of my ethical choices around consumption of meat and my complex gut health issues. She’s also my best friend!
I cannot recommend Kate’s service enough! It’s a great process to really look at what’s going into your body. I’m a massive believer of having a holistic approach when it comes to my health, I like to look at it from lots of different angles, and not be fixated on a one way approach.

Morgan Jameison, 121 nutrition clientJune 20

After I had my first baby, I bounced back to my old self pretty quickly. So when baby number two came along I assumed the same would happen again. But after 3 years I wasn’t getting anywhere. I had tried a number of popular ‘diets’ and was exercising regularly, but my weight and body shape remained the same.

When I first reached out to Kate I was feeling pretty low and confused. I suffer from Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) but my weight had never been one of the symptoms. Kate was amazing she really listened to everything I had to say, looked at my diet and then recommend a number of easy swaps as well as adding supplements (something I’d never tried before).

Slowly but surely, my shape has changed. I’ve stopped looking at the scales and instead take weekly measurements. I’m still not exactly where I want to be, but I am well on the way using all the advice and information I’ve gained from Kate.

Kate was there every step of the way for me. Weekly phone calls and texts, nothing was too much trouble. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kate to anyone who feels they are stuck in a rut or bouncing from diet to diet, you won’t regret it!

Vicky, 121 nutrition clientMay 20

I’ve been working with Kate on a range of nutrition-related personal goals since August of this year and have been making amazing progress thanks to Kate. My husband and I approached her together, because with very different goals and no guidance or plan it was feeling impossible for us to make progress and to still be able to enjoy mealtimes together.
Kate is so professional and so knowledgeable but at the same time very relatable and approachable, which means that there is never any awkwardness in consultations, and I feel I can ask her anything at all without being judged.
With weight loss and eating a well-rounded plant-based diet being amongst my goals, Kate has helped me find an approach that really works for me and that is making this process much easier than I ever would have expected. Kate was able to make recommendations that meant that my husband and I could work towards our individual goals without any hassle, which has been such a pleasant surprise. Seeing my progress through Kate’s eyes, knowing that evidence and Kate's experience is informing what we are doing, and the fact that Kate is evaluating how it is going (making adjustments or further recommendations on the way) really helps me feel confident and positive about the journey through all its ups and occasional downs. I love that as well as focussing on food and nutrition, Kate has also helped me more generally to consider my habits, routines and other practices that are now supporting me to reach my goals. I can tell that some of these will continue to serve me for many years and are transferable to other areas of my life.
The support Kate provides is overall incredible and has really helped me keep my momentum and motivation going. In hindsight I’m so glad I reached out to her, because I know from previous attempts that I wouldn’t be in the same place today if I hadn’t.
I couldn’t recommend Kate more highly (and in fact have already recommended her to several friends who are struggling to reach nutrition-related goals of their own!).

Helen Bryer, 121 nutrition clientNov 19

Kate came to our Martial Arts Club with a specific brief of motivating our young students and their parents on the zeitgeist subject of healthy eating. She did just this; informative, educational and inspirational she engaged with parents and provided her brilliant insights in a really easy to understand manner. Many parents stayed on after her talk to ask further questions and we were delighted with the subsequent feedback received. She was a resounding success.

Denise Bailey – Operations Director Niedo KickboxingApr 19

Having been unhappy with my weight and attitude towards food and alcohol for a large proportion of my adult life I have probably tried most diet plans on the market and have over the years tried to out train a bad diet, all without success. Working with Kate over the last 5 months she has helped me gradually reset my attitudes and to understand many of the physical and emotional triggers that would usually see me revert to poor eating habits. Kate has a very straightforward, scientific, data based and realistic approach to her clients goals and through this has helped me to lose almost 2 stone and to reset my behaviours around food and drink, no longer do I see these things as some form of crutch on a bad day or as a sole means of celebration on a good day. The results have been phenomenal, I am now much fitter, healthier and happier in my own skin and the results have been for all to see with my slimmed down figure.

Mark Arnold, 121 nutrition clientNov 18

Kate provided nutrition workshops/Q&A sessions to work alongside corporate bootcamps I was running. Each session was different and well thought through. The response from attendees was enormously positive. She makes nutrition easier to understand, with achievable strategies to apply to everyday life.

Chris Fleetwood, Development Director, LandsecOct 18

Kate provided workshops at two of our client sites and in our own production kitchen on the topic of food and nutrition as it relates to mental health. As contract caterers providing our clients with the majority of their food for the day it’s really important that our food not only tastes good but is good for you. Working with Kate gave us the opportunity to add value to our contracts in a meaningful way. Our clients really engaged with the topic and we felt confident relying on Kate for her expertise. As a registered associate nutritionist she is a source of credible knowledge and advice. But she also gets her message across in a personable and fun way. If you’re thinking of hiring Kate for speaking engagements or menu development – go for it! You won’t regret it!

Cristina Covello, Marketing & Strategic Projects Manager, Just HospitalityMar 18