#5 Aloe Vera (AV)⠀

You know the plant and stuff you put on your skin when you get sunburnt.⠀

Over recent years food innovation has seen this hit the shelves as a bottled drink. Claims include:⠀
▪️ Helps reduce acne⠀
▪️ Reduces risk of developing stomach ulcers⠀
▪️ Aids digestion⠀
▪️ Antibacterial properties⠀
▪️ Is “extra” hydrating ⠀

Aloe Vera should only be used to treat sunburn. For other dermatology and skincare advice head over to @anjalimahto although I’m almost certain she doesn’t advocate drinking AV to assist in your skincare regime.⠀

Things that may aid your digestion include chewing your food, eating slowly, stopping when full and consuming lots of fibre. ⠀

Extra hydrating is not a thing. If you need to drink more the colour of your pee will alert you to that. By drinking AV it doesn’t mean you will be extra hydrated.

There is no science confirming it reduces your risk of stomach ulcers. ⠀

Basically it’s a sellout. It won’t improve your “health” anymore than having a normal cuppa or a glass of water. If you are trying to lose fat it’s also just extra calories. ⠀

Would you drink sunscreen if they made that into a drink? Done.

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