#11 Food Intolerance Tests⠀

SUNDAY SHUTDOWN #11 Food Intolerance Tests

These are on the rise, in most cases you just “simply” take a blood sample and send it away and you’ll receive a list of all food and drink products you are sensitive or intolerant too. I was recently emailed by another new company asking if I wanted to work with them. The answer was a firm no.⠀

The research in this area is so new and I am confident that when it’s 100% there it will revolutionise the way we understand our body’s response to food. It will, in fact make personalised nutrition, personal. ⠀

But for now, the information provided is not based on sound human clinical research. Warning: We will now get a bit technical. There are a few different approaches which claim they can help, Kinesiology, IgG testing (this is the most common) and Mediator Release Testing (MRT) – thanks @martinnutrition for the clarity here. IgG tests will take a blood sample and test for IgG responses to certain foods, the thing is IgG antibodies will be present if you have consumed said food. Which really isn’t helpful, as you are left with results telling you to cut out eggs and dairy when you’ve been consuming them your whole life with no physical responses. ⠀

The only test that has any weight here is the one relating to lactose intolerance which tests to see if you have the enzyme than breaks down lactase (a protein found cows milk). That is valid. ⠀

Some also claim to tell you which exercise is ”best suited” to you. Our bodies are made up of hundreds of thousands of genes, yet these tests don’t go through every single one. Just imagine checking some, and then creating advice based on them. What about the other couple of thousand then? What about their impact. This gene says you will be best suited to running, but there could be one out there that says your legs muscles actually are better suited to cycling, they just haven’t discovered that one yet ?‍♀️ and most importantly what if you hate running, or cycling and love weightlifting. You should do weightlifting.

Rather than spend a couple of hundred pounds on this, speak to a qualified professional who can tailor your advice to your lifestyle & what you like!

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