#2 Apple cider vinegar. Whether it’s a drink, a shot or a tablet it’s #fakenews⠀

SUNDAY SHUTDOWN #2:Apple cider vinegar.Whether it’s a drink, a shot or a tablet it’s #fakenews

This one’s been around for quite a few years now and its claims include detox, better skin, aiding digestion and to give you more energy. Really? No.⠀

It will not stabilise your blood sugar. That’s what insulin and glucagon do and your body produces them all on its own (with the exception of those with diabetes where insulin isn’t produced or doesn’t work).⠀

You may lose weight from drinking this in the morning, but it won’t be from the drink itself it’s more likely because you skipped breakfast.⠀

It will not stop you from being bloated, chewing your food more, eating a little slower and potentially a little less could be starting point. ⠀

Also, may we just take a minute to think about the taste?

Teeth. Imagine putting acid on your teeth and what that does to them. I rest my case.⠀

This has been in my cupboard for years, clearly a worthy purchase (note the sarcasm). Done.

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