#13 Good food vs bad food vs just food

SUNDAY SHUTDOWN #13 Good food vs bad food vs just food: think about that for a minute.⠀

I’m getting pretty fed up of hearing people use a “feeling” or “emotion” to describe a specific “food” but it’s so inherently engrained in our lives it seems normal. Us of a certain era have called foods good or bad for as long as we can remember, it’s almost just “what we know”. However, food is not good, bad, dirty, healthy, clean, guilt free, a treat or unhealthy.⠀

Most people categorise bananas as healthy or good, yet only eating bananas wouldn’t be that good or healthy for you would it?⠀

Sure food can be part of a happy occasion, it can make you feel great for a number of reasons and sometimes not make you feel very good at all, think sick, bloated or by causing a reaction such as an allergy. But it is so much more than good or bad, it gives us energy, helps us stay focussed, forms part of our social lives and keeps us alive!⠀

So the next time you call a food good or bad, try to catch yourself and reframe it as just food. Remove the rule. Focus on looking after yourself. ⠀

Rather than restrict bad foods and only eat good foods, try to allow yourself all of the things you love but work out when and how much you need them within the context of your whole diet and lifestyle. ⠀

This also takes time. It won’t happen overnight. No good foods. No bad foods. Just foods.

Also Sundays are for roast dinners. Always. ⠀

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