International Day of Happiness

In March 2018 I joined forces with Just Hospitality to celebrate International Day of Happiness by providing workshops on food and mood. We chatted, workshopped and laughed our way throughout the day, ending the week with some cooking at their central kitchen in London. Read all about it below!

Conquer Escape

There are so many retreats and getaways out there these days that claim to revolutionise your life and leave you feeling great. I’ve teamed with Ria Ingleby, founder and owner of The Well + group, to create something a bit more realistic.

We’re all so busy with families, partners, school, work, bills and so on that too often our own needs come last. So we give you time, in a beautiful location (Sheepdrove Organic Farm), to learn and recharge.  Food is a big part of the weekend, as is movement. And you’ll come away with plenty of practical hacks and tips you can use straightaway in your daily routine. After all, green juice just isn’t for everyone.

Prices start at £170 for a shared room with en suite. Please click the image below for full details.