Hi. I’m a nutritionist, food consultant and fitness coach, and I’m here to help people fall in love with food again.

For far too long there’s been too much nitpicky negativity about what we eat. For me, food should be something we relish. It should be at the heart of our social lives and, as well as being absolutely god damn delicious, it should be nourishing.

What’s good for you?

My clients include people who want to understand what eating well means for them – not the skinny minnie they’ve seen on Instagram. Good nutrition is different for all of us, so I give completely bespoke advice and will show how eating well for your body and lifestyle is achievable within your means.

Working with businesses

I also work with businesses of all sizes to develop menus and help educate employees about food. I help small independent cafes, for example, to ensure their menus feature some of the more sensible food trends and follow that up with education, so their staff can talk about them confidently. I develop nutritious dishes for companies with a workplace restaurant or cafe. And I provide food education that motivates staff to make changes to their eating habits everywhere from SMEs to big corporates.

A fresh way of looking at food

The way I work often goes against the grain. I don’t agree with many of the current food fashions, but neither do I bore people to death by droning on about the stuff we’ve all seen and heard time and time again. My advice is fresh but not faddy and backed by years of experience and study, which have helped me understand the kind of challenges you might face each day.

During my previous employment, for example, I built a company’s health and wellbeing strategy from the ground up. And I spent lots of time in the kitchen with chefs developing recipes that ticked all the boxes in terms of taste, nutrition and commercial viability.

Before setting up The Food Boss I also spent a year running a national commercial catering contract for a FTSE 100 company. Originally from Oz which was where my love of food began, I moved to the UK in 2006 and followed this up with a 2:1 BSc (Hons) in Human Nutrition & Sports Science at the London Metropolitan University in 2011. I then went on to become an accredited REPS fitness coach coupling food and fitness together as they should be.

Come ride with me

I’m also an REPS-accredited Level 2 group fitness coach and when I’m not being The Food Boss you’ll find me teaching indoor cycling! I’d love to see you at one of my classes so keep an eye on my social feeds for class updates.

Sit back and take a moment to feel inspired about food again

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